about nature's last stand


The Farm

Nature's Last Stand (NLS) is a 30-acre farm that resides along the Snoqualmie River, approximately 24 miles due east of Seattle. The property features grassy pasture for grazing animals and forested areas of bigleaf maple and western red cedar. Additionally, NLS encompasses floodplain wetlands and portions of Patterson Creek. The farm is home to wildlife such as salmonids and pileated woodpecker. River otters, elk, water fowl and black bears have also been spotted in surrounding areas.


The Farmer

John Huschle began farming over two decades ago: first co-founding Full Circle Farms with friends from the midwest; then starting Nature's Last Stand in 1994. NLS, Certified Organic by the WSDA, grew row crops, canned jams and pickles, and provided home delivery of the Northwest's best organic produce. John eventually shifted his focus to raising animals and grass farming.

John enjoys helping people realize their interest in farming, food and community. He is often seen and heard at the farmers market, usually bumping Positive Vibrations at U-District or extensively chatting with customers and vendors.

John is father to Eden (age 13) and Elias (age 9). He is supported by his amazing market team of permanent and on-call staff: Caroline, Marika, Kevin, Julian, and Bret.

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The Animals

Nature's Last Stand has various livestock and poultry which are pastured onsite.

  • Heritage hog hybrids of Berkshire, Kunekune, Large Black and Mangalitsa

  • Chickens: Leghorn Red Sex-Link, Ameraucana, and Barred Rock

  • Muscovy ducks

  • Registered Cheviot sheep, charter members of the River Valley Country Club (a farming partnership between John and Caroline)

The farm's working dogs are Luna, a Maremma/Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd, and Great Pyrenees (and 1/15th Pointer) Polaris “Larry” Bear Jr. The resident barn cats are Will Feral, Perry Feral, Colin Feral and Feral Williams.